Why New
I would like to address the question a small number of people have asked which is "Why is this a new app and not just an update to Password Safe"

Password Safe is 6 years old and it looks it. Android was very young at the time and the developer kits to deal with things such as Google Drive just did not work very reliably.

I was asked a year or so ago to update it to Material design. At that time I did not really "get" what the big deal was so in an attempt to update the look of the app, I switched over to the latest theme bases and tried to move forward a little at a time. Almost immediately after release it became obvious that for every improvement or change I made, it had a knock on effect on something else.  For example, I tried to use the new Toolbar instead of the Android Actionbar. It turns out that the split Actionbar was no lo longer an option in the later Android versions so I had to come up with my own solution. This solution did not work very well for some people and the change was simply not worth it.

The Google Drive libraries I initially used caused random errors with indescernible error numbers apparently at random for some people leaving the feature useless.

There were features I tried to implement into Password Safe that I abandoned because they just did not work due to some early choices I made when I first started writing the app. Password Safe was my first app and although the app worked and became quite popular, I painted myself into a corner with some design decisions.

For example, In Password Safe, each data record has a numeric identifier. It was totally possible for the same person to create 2 identical cards on 2 different devices that had the same identifier. This made a real record by record sync impossible. There would be no way to tell the records apart. Lockrz uses a GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) for every single record whether that is a Card, a field or a custom Icon etc. Because of this, no two data records will ever be 100% identical an each one can be identified by its GUID. This is the basis for the Sync system in Lockrz. Each record has a GUID and a "last changed" flag. When syncing, two different databases can be compared record by record. If a record has changed, the changed record can be copied to the other database because I can tell that for all intents and purposes, the records are intended to be the same.

The backup\restore system of Password Safe caused me no end of support requests with people asking why, after setting up a new device, their data was not "just there". They found it confusing that they needed to create a new empty wallet and then restore their data into it.

Using the knowledge I have gained in the past 6 years plus the types of questions, issues and assumptions users have expressed over the years, I finally decided to do a complete re-write.

I did not want to build on top of Password Safe. That would take longer than writing from scratch as there are tens of thousands of users out there with data already in use. Also, there is a cost element.  Play Store does not allow me to charge for updates.  If you have bought an app, you get any updates free for as long as updates are released.  I simply cannot afford to put in the amount of time required to make Lockrz and then just give it away.  Only new sales feed my family. Updates only generate support tickets which is the hidden cost of this business.

Any income generated from the sale of an app is cancelled out if I need to answer a support ticket.  The price you pay is not what I receive. Vat or sales tax is payable first. This is added onto the price of the app by Google at the rate that your country specifies (20% here in the UK). Google then take their 30% cut. Of the remainder that is paid to me, I then have to declare that to the HMRC\IRS and pay income tax on it at a rate of 40%. By now, there is not much left as you can see. 10 minutes answering a support query pretty much cancels out that part assuming I work for minimum wage.  For this reason, Lockrz comes with 12 months support only. I need to consider how to support users who want more than that.

Back to the point, if I were to give Lockrz away as a free upgrade, I may as well not bother writing it in the first place. Remember that Lockrz was not an update to an app. It was written from the ground up with the intention of getting right all of the things I did wrong (with the benefit of hindsight) in Password Safe.

One person has even suggested (very rudely) that I should have just written paid plugins to add the sync etc features to Password Safe. I would say that effectively that is what I have done. You can upgrade to Lockrs for a nominal charge (I have discounted for a month to allow everyone to upgrade at a smaller cost even if you bought Password Safe 5 years ago). If you don't care about the new features etc, stay as you are. You have lost nothing. You still have the app you decided to buy and can continue to use it as long as you see fit.

 One thing is sure. Someone, somewhere will be unhappy whatever I do.  When I last updated Password Safe I got one comment. You should have released this as a new app instead of forcing this on us. I've done that this time. 

It has been said "Why no new features".  Those people just need to use the app for a little longer than a few minutes. In my view, the sync capability alone is worth upgrading for.

New in Lockrz:
Record by record sync.
Background sync.
No sync provider limits. Sync with 4 different dropbox accounts and a dozen Google Drive accounts if you like.
Fingerprint login.
Material Design.
Simplified menu system.
Shared databases (different people with access to the same database)
Ability to un-delete cards\folders
Android wear function.
Brand new vector icons all designed personally by me. (Password safe just had generic icons i found on the internet)
Password Safe icons are 48x48 in size. Lockrz are 256x256.  A great quality increase.
Uses modern SDK's for cloud services.

Admittedly Lockrz borrows heavily from the Password Safe ethos because it works. Fields that hold whatever you want in cards in folders in groups. There are only so many ways to display that type of information so of course it feels familiar (which is not totally accidental).

The biggest new feature in Lockrz is a better code base but that is not noticable to you as a user.

As it stands, the current Lockrz took over 6 months to write and functionally is almost on par with Password Safe. There is still work to do. Add more Sync Providers according to user demand. OneDrive, SugarSync, FTP, WebDAV etc. These may be as free updates ot they may be as paid plugin modules.  I also need a more diverse theme range as currently there is only one.  The dark theme will come first then perhaps some more coloured options. I need more preferences too. Lockrz has some sensible defaults but some people like to have fine grained control over their apps and change fonts etc. Don't forget to make your requests known on the G+ page. Obviously the more popular requests will come first.

Before all those things, I need to write a Windows client for Lockrz. Many people have expressed that although they like Lockrz, they will stay with Password Safe as they use the Windows client extensively. Again, I can correct some design choices I made 6 years ago on that front too.

Anyway, I have rambled on much longer than I intended here so I will sign off. I hope you enjoy using Lockrz, get in touch if you need help, rate me generously in Play Store but in the words of the great Wil Wheaton, "Don't be a dick". I am note a faceless corporation. The insults some of you fling in the review section can hurt.