Lockrz is a password Manager for Android.

Throughout these instructions, we refer to Lockr. A Lockr is a single file database that contains your passwords or encrypted information.

The app is capable of maintaining multiple databases of this kind, each with a separate password or pin number.

For example, you may wish to have a personal Lockr for your own passwords, a separate one for your dark related information and possibly even a third that you contains information you wish to share with other members of your family.

At any time, you can log out one Lockr and log into another.

When you start Lockrz for the first time, you are given the choice of creating a new Lockr or Importing one you already have.

If you have never used Lockrz before you most likely will want to create a new Lockr.

If you already have a saved file you want to use, you can choose it import it.

Signing In

Before purchase, you can activate a 14 day fully functional trial period.
In order to do this, we need your email address to determine if a trial has previously been reqested and what the expiry date is.

The easiest way to retrieve your email address is using the one-click "Google Plus Sign In". 

Signing into Lockrz only gives the app access to your name\email. It does NOT :

1. Give Lockrz access to any part of your Google account.
2. Give anybody else access to your Google account.
3. Share your passwords or any data that you enter into Lockrz.

The only use of the sign in is to determine trial eligibility and to add the address to any crash reports submitted from your device. When requesting a trial for the first time, a "Welcome" mail with app information is sent to the address. Another mail is sent if you purchase the app.  Your details are never shared with anybody else. We may send you additional information in the future and any communication considered non-essential will always contain an "opt-out" link.

After purchase, sign in is 100% optional. Licensed users can sign in or out at any time in the app settings.