Creating a new Lockr
Press the "New Lockr" button

If you already have a Lockr, you can access this by swiping from the left edge of the screen to display the list of existing Lockrz and pressing the "Add" button.

Choose the options you want for your new Lockr.

You should choose a name that you will use to identify which of your Lockrz you are using.

You should not use "special" characters (such as accents or punctuation marks) or spaces in the name. In some circumstances these characters can cause issues when syncing to cloud services. The fingerprint reader system can also crash when certain characters are used in the Lockr name.

Note that you are not permitted to have more than one Lockr with the same same.

Below this you can enter an optional password reminder which will be displayed if you enter an incorrect password.

Next choose the type of login method you want to use. Either Text or Pin number.

If you are unfamiliar with the concepts of Sections, Groups, Cards and Folders you can choose to have some demo data creating in your new Lock for you to examine and familiarise yourself with.

After all options are chosen press the "Next" button.

Depending on which login method you chose, you will be prompted to input either the password or pin number you want to use.  Please use a difficult to guess password/pin and it should be something only you would know.  a phase is better than a single word and if using a pin, the more numbers you use, the harder it will be for someone else to guess. e.g a 4 digit pin number has only 9999 possibilities.