Sorting data

Moving cards between groups or sorting them is just a simple case of Drag and Drop.

Video Demonstration (Best viewed on a desktop computer)

Having trouble performing the drag action?

Go to display settings and set the folder view size to large. This will give you the maximum drag area to work with.
Return to the folder/card list. Hover over the icon of the card you want to move. Lower your finger into the icon and as soon as you make contact with the screen, drag down or up and the card should start dragging.
  • Don't hit the screen too far to the screen edge as that will cause the menu to pop out.
  • Don't miss the icon or you will just end up scrolling the screen.
  • Don't press too long as that will just select the card instead of dragging it.


Manual Sorting


The icon area in the card list and the small area to the left of the field names (highlighted above with a red box) can be dragged and dropped to a new destination.

On Demand Sorting

All cards/folders within a group can be sorted alphabetically by long pressing on a group and then choosing the sort option from the menu that appears.

Fields can be sorted within a card by choosing "Sort" from the menu when viewing the card.

Automatic Sorting

Automatic sorting is not enabled by default. You can enable it in the settings. If auto sort is enabled, you can still move cards between groups but you cannot re-order them within groups.