Setting Up
To set up a new device for the first time you need to either create a new Lockr or import an existing one.

If you are are\were a user of my previous app "Password Safe Pro", you can import this data into Lockrz. See the Import section of this manual for details.

If you are using Lockrz for the first time and do not have a Password Safe Pro database or a previously synced Lockr, you need to create a new Lockr.

Quick Setup:

You have a Password Safe Pro database.

Note: Lockrz does not import from your Password Safe database file.

It communicates directly with Password Safe Pro on the device.

Ensure that you have the latest version of Password Safe Pro installed and working before attempting to transfer data to Lockrz.

Video Demonstration

1. Ensure that your Password Safe database is set to 256bit encryption with either Pin number or a Password entry method.
2. Choose "Import"
3. Choose "Kuffs Password Safe"
4. Select the name of the wallet you want to import
5. Press "Import"
6. You can now log into your imported Lockr with the same password you used previously.

You are using Lockrz for the first time.

1. Press "New Lockr"
2. Type a name for the Lockr so you can identify it in future. e.g "MyData" or "WorkData"
3. Optionally type a password reminder.
4. Choose the entry method. Either Password or Pin
5. Choose whether to create sample data. (Recommended if you have never used Lockrz before so you can see how it operates)
6. Press "Next"
7. Enter your new Password or Pin (twice).
8. Press "OK" or the PinPad "Enter" key.
9 You can now log into your new Lockr

To ensure your data is kept backed up, you should now set up a Sync Provider.

10. Open the main menu by pressing the icon on the top left of the screen or by swiping in from the left screen edge.
11. Choose "Sync"
12. Press the "Add" button
13. Choose a cloud provider from the menu. e.g Dropbox or Google Drive
14. Authenticate with the provider to allow Lockrz access.
15, Your data will sync automatically.

You have already synced a Lockr on a different device and want to use the same data on another device.

1. Press "Import"
2. Choose the cloud provider that contains your data
3. Press "Next"
4. Choose the name of the Lockr you want to use.
5. Press "Import"

Your second device now contains a copy of your data. If you change data on either device, the changes will be copied to the other device after syncing. See the Sync section of this manual for further information.