Rename Lockr

You can only rename a Lockr BEFORE it is imported for the first time.  Once imported, the name is fixed.

The easiest and safest way to rename is:

1. Create a copy of the original synced version of your data. i.e the one in Dropbox etc
2. Rename the file to the name you wish to use.  e.g renaming to MyPassword.lockr will use MyPasswords as the name within the app.
3. Import the new file
4. Remove the old wallets from your device

If you are using Google Drive, you may not be able to see your copied file in the list within Lockrz. This is because Lockrz only has access to files that it created itself. By copying a file, YOU created the file and not Lockrz.

You can still open the file by using the extended selection method.

1. Press "Import" as normal
2. Choose Google Drive
3. LONG PRESS on the "Next" button to open the file selector.
4. Pull to refresh if necessary as Google Drive may have not yet synced its file list with your device.
5. Use the UI to navigate to the file you wish to open and press "Select"

The file is now available for use in the normal way so you can now import it.