Group and Sections
Groups and sections are actually very similar entities. They are both used to contain folders and cards.

The difference between them apart from the way they look is that a Group can be expanded and collapsed to hide its contents whereby a Section is permanently expanded and its contents cannot be hidden.

Because of their design, Sections can be used as a header for groups. They do not have to contain anything.

Groups and Sections can be named and also can have an identifying icon.

Folders work very much like a folder on a computer. They can contain other folders or cards.

There is no limit on the number of levels deep a folder can be.

Folders can be named and also can have an identifying icon (Which does not necessarily have to look like a folder)

A card is a container for fields and displays its fields as a list.

There are many field types.

For example, a "Plain Text" field can be used to store any text at all (such as a password).

Most fields are quite similar in that they store information and only really differ by how the data is displayed, edited or whether an action can be performed on it.

Field Type Editing Action Button Example Field Usage  
Plain Text A multi line text field with a standard keyboard   Any text  
General Number Single line field with numeric keypad   Pin number  
Phone Number Single line field with numeric keypad Opens phone dialer Phone Number  
Full Date Date selector Opens Calendar Date of Birth  
Month and Year Month and Year selectors   Credit Card expiry date  
Alarm Date and Time selector Turn on or off the alarm Expiry of an insurance policy  
Web Site Single line text field Open web browser A web site  
Email Address Single line text field Open email client an email address  
Switch On\Off switch   Reminder that an action needs to be performed  
Thumbnail Picture chooser Open picture viewer A small photo of your credit card  
Divider Single line text field   a heading to separate fields in cards