App Permissions
To enable the features that Lockrz has, permission to perform certain tasks on your device is required.

Here is a complete list of the permissions requested and the reasons Lockrz needs them.

Allows license purchasing

Enables cloud sync providers so you can upload your data to Dropbox etc.

Vibrate your device.

Read External Storage, Write External Storage
Enables local backup and restore

Receive Boot Completed
All alarms in the system are lost when your device shuts down. This permission allows Lockrz to set them up again.

Read Sync Settings, Write Sync Settings, Read Sync Stats, Authenticate Accounts, Get Accounts
Enables the Sync features

Use Fingerprint
Allows logging into your data with your fingerprint (Device hardware permitting

Access Network State
Allows Lockrz to manage the network whilst syncing data. e.g Determine if on Wifi or not